Juniors from across the U.S. convened in Bowling Green, KY, for the annual American-International Junior Charolais Association's (AIJCA) 26th National Junior Show and 32nd National Leadership Conference.

In addition to 318 entries of Charolais cattle being exhibited, there were numerous other contests for junior members to showcase their skills.

Contest winners, from the High Plains area include:

--Showmanship Contest: Reserve champion senior, Laci Lehman, Celina, TX; champion intermediate, Tyson Hann, College Station, TX; reserve champion intermediate, Heather Hann, College Station, TX; and champion junior, Chase Patman, Waxahachie, TX.

--Team Fitting Contest: Champion senior, Missouri, Denver Alsup, Fair Grove; Jacob Peterson, Mountain Grove; Paul Hill, Fair Grove; and Josh Worthington, Dadeville. Champion intermediate, Missouri, Nathan Glassman, Carthage; Kyle Sellers, Sedalia; Luke Peterson, Mountain Grove; and Trent Templeton, Sedalia. Reserve champion intermediate, Texas, Kristen Greer, Center; Heather Hann, College Station; Ty Nix, Daingerfield; and Stephanie Patman, Waxahachie. Champion junior, Texas, Kansas and Louisiana, Micah Wilburn, Center, TX; Chase Patman, Waxahachie, TX; Sarah Romero, New Iberia, LA; and Augusta Marston, Canton, KS.

--Cook-Off Contest: Second senior, Missouri, State Fair Fajitas, Crystal Sellers, Sedalia and Kyle Sellers, Sedalia. First adult, Kansas, Marinated Flank Steak, Lana Clawson, Santana, and Laci Schrader, Wells.

--Quiz Bowl Contest: Second, Texas, Kristen Greer, Center; Tyson Hann, College Station; Robyn Kelley, Ennis; Stephanie Patman, Waxahachie; and Misty Wilburn, Center.

--Talent Contest: First, Jamie Sparks, La Monte, MO; and second, Tracy Sonderup, Fullerton, NE.

--Junior Advisors of the Year: Robbie Lehman, Celina, TX; and Kim and Scott Jensen, Lake Preston, SD.

--AICA Fieldmen's Workhorse Award: D.J. Holt, Lake Preston, SD.

--2001 Junior Merit Award Recipients: Elite Gold, Kelly Sonderup, Fullerton, NE. Gold, Kelli Churchill, Valentine, NE; Janet Petty, Carrollton, TX; Kelly Sonderup, Fullerton, NE; and Stacie Vedvei, Lake Preston, SD. Silver, Dannica Jensen, Lake Preston, SD; Danielle Jensen, Lake Preston, SD; Janet Petty, Carrollton, TX; Melanie Vedvei, Lake Preston, SD; Misty Wilburn, Center, TX; and Micah Wilburn, Center, TX. Bronze, Dannica Jensen, Lake Preston, SD; Danielle Jensen, Lake Preston, SD; Janet Petty, Carrollton, TX; Melanie Vedvei, Lake Preston, SD; Misty Wilburn, Center, TX; and Micah Wilburn, Center, TX.

--Poster Contest: Second senior (tie), Hannah Raatz, Clayton, WI, and Kaci Stone, Rankin, IL; second junior, Dannica Jensen, Lake Preston, SD.

--PSA Tape Contest: Second senior, 60-second, Misty Wilburn, Center, TX; first senior, 30-second; Cody Runft, Scandia, KS; first junior, 60-second, Micah Wilburn, Center, TX; and second junior, 30-second, Nick Gosen, Albert Lea, MN.

--Photo Contest: First senior, Jeannine Doughty, Harrisonville, MO; second senior, Janet Petty, Carrollton, TX: and first junior, Nick Gosen, Albert Lea, MN.

--Resume and Interview Contest: First, Lane Baldwin, Drury, MO.

--Prepared Speech Contest: First senior, Wrex Phipps, Kearney, NE; first intermediate, Chris Odden, Ree Heights, SD; and second intermediate, Melinda Tebow, Courtland, KS.

--Impromptu Speech Contest: First senior, Josh Worthington, Dadeville, MO; second senior, Misty Wilburn, Center, TX; second intermediate, Ty Eschenbaum, Erwin, SD.

--Affiliate Association Scrapbook Contest: First, Kansas, and second, Missouri.

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