Johnston Seed Company, Enid, OK, announces the release of two new seeded turfgrass varieties for use in the Great Plains, Riviera bermudagrass (OKS 95-1) and Bowie buffalograss (NTG5).

Riviera is a seeded bermudagrass, with improved winter hardiness and superior turf quality. Riviera ranked first in turfgrass quality, in the 2000 National Turfgrass Evaluation Program conducted across 21 locations, in the United States. Riviera was developed by Dr. Charles Taliaferro, Oklahoma State University, and was released n 2001 to Johnston Seed Company for immediate production and distribution. Recommended use applications are golf course fairways, residential and commercial landscaping and sports fields. Limited quantities of seed will be available in 2002.

The Native Turf Group using breeding lines licensed by University of Nebraska, at Lincoln, developed Bowie buffalograss. Bowie is adapted to most regions of the Great Pains, where buffalograss is native. Bowie is a low maintenance turfgrass variety, with excellent choice for lawns, parks, acreages and industrial sites. Seed of Bowie will be readily available in 2002.

Riviera and Bowie further compliment Johnston Seed Company's line of proprietary warm season grasses, which includes Yukon Wrangler and Guymon bermudagrasses, and Cody, Tatanka and Bison buffalograsses.

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