A photo history of John Deere depicts the importance of strong, basic values in the long-term success of Deere & Company.

The 286-page hardcover book, Genuine Value, The John Deere Journey, is a collection of historic photos and descriptive statements organized by four fundamental values in the John Deere legacy: quality, innovation, integrity and commitment.

"We hope this book not only highlights the John Deere history, but also initiates a continuing dialogue on the importance of values at a time when basic values, or the lack thereof, often are the focal point of events on the world scene," said Hans Becherer, chairman of Deere & Company.

The book tells the story of John Deere through high quality, dramatic photography and thought-provoking short text. For instance, a vintage John Deere Model A tractor is pictured working a field during the Great Depression, with the powerful message: "Persevere, Persevere, Persevere." Another photograph shows a high technology, computer-controlled, manufacturing line and includes the text: "Everything looks difficult to the unwilling."

There are plenty of historical images to satisfy the most involved history buff, yet the images also reflect the technological advancement of the equipment sold today worldwide by John Deere. Becherer said he hopes the book will serve as a source of inspiration to all people who are touched by John Deere.

Another key section of the book is a 42-page timeline that describes decade-by-decade the significant financial and corporate events in the company's history and a pictorial review of the products of each era.

A unique part of the book is a special section that includes the names of every living retiree and employee as of Jan. 1, 2000. Becherer said the book is dedicated to these 63,676 people, because they are the ones who sustain the values of the company founder.

The book will sell for $69.95. It can be ordered over the Internet, at www.genuinevalue.com, or by calling 800-455-1174.

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