DES MOINES, Iowa (AP)--Police are looking for ties between two horse slayings in which the animals' throats were slashed.

Bob Loutsch found his horse dead on his Remsen farm on March 30. The horse was probably killed the night before in an outdoor lot where it was found, said Jennifer Sells, Iowa Department of Natural Resources officer for Plymouth County.

In mid-April, Christine Harrison found her horse dead in a barn on her farm near Moscow, in eastern Iowa.

"It does sound like they are similar, but it's hard to say" whether they could be connected, said Muscatine County Sheriff's Sgt. Mark Kopf, whose department is working the slaying of Harrison's horse. "Stranger things have happened, but I don't know why you would drive all the way across the state to kill a horse."

Kopf said there are no motives or suspects in the case.

It's unlikely that an animal caused the types of wounds found on the horses, officials said.

Ron Andrews, a state fur resource specialist, said there used to be cases where someone with a cult would kill an animal for its organs or blood.

"You don't really see those anymore," he said.

Investigators didn't find evidence of blood or organs being collected in either case.

Andrews said he doubts the cases are connected.

"I think it's got to be coincidental. I really do, since they are on opposite sides of the state," Andrews said. "But with modern-day technology, you never know. Maybe there's two different crazy, mixed-up characters out there communicating in some fashion."

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