End-FLUence®2 protects growing pigs against two common swine influenza virus subtypes.

June 26, 2001 Intervet Inc. received USDA approval for End-FLUence®2, the first inactivated bivalent vaccine that offers protection against two common North American subtypes of swine influenza virus (SIV).

End-FLUence®2 allows swine producers to vaccinate against the H3N2 and H1N1 subtypes of SIV with a single product. The protection End- LUence®2 provides against both subtypes of SIV gives swine producers a convenient bivalent vaccine, says Judy Myers, Intervet Swine Biological Marketing Manager.

Previously, producers had to use a conditionally licensed H3N2 product along with a commercial H1N1 vaccine or use an autogenous product that lacked efficacy testing. The bivalence of End- LUence®2 gives producers superior protection for both common types of SIV.

The product also demonstrated excellent safety in both research and field trials. To improve product performance, End-FLUence®2 is formulated with the proprietary Microsol Diluvac Forte® dual adjuvant system. Vaccination trials using End-FLUence®2 demonstrated the excellent potentiating effect of the Microsol Diluvac Forte® adjuvant system, explains Myers. Serologic evaluations of vaccinated pigs revealed high geometric mean titers, indicating the efficacy of End-FLUence®2. Myers also reports that vaccination-challenge studies showed a decrease in prevalence and percent involvement of lung lesions caused by SIV in vaccinated pigs as compared to control animals. This respiratory protection was demonstrated for both the H1N1 and H3N2 subtypes.

The rapid spread of the new H3N2 subtype across North America has increased the demand for a bivalent SIV vaccine, Myers explains. End-FLUence®2 provides an effective proven product for swine producers to use in the prevention of SIV.The 2 ml dose of End-FLUence®2 is given intramuscularly to healthy swine three weeks of age or older and should be followed by a booster three weeks after the initial vaccination. It is available in both 100 ml (50 dose) and 500 ml (250 dose) bottles from authorized Intervet distributors.Intervet Inc. is one of the world's leading animal health companies, and currently is ranked third in the global market.

The company is a leader in research and is dedicated to the development, production and marketing of innovative high quality animal health products and feed additives. Internet's product range includes vaccines for use in livestock, companion animals, poultry and fish, anti-parasitics, anti-infectives, endocrine products for regulation and improvement of breeding performances, diagnostics, feed additives and productivity enhancers. Intervet employs about 4,800 personnel and maintains a global distribution network of subsidiary companies and agents in 120 countries.

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