KANSAS CITY (B)--IBP announced April 17 that Thomas E. Wilson will be the name of its new consumer brand as the company makes what it calls a "revolutionary move" toward brand name, consumer-ready products. Branded products using the Thomas E. Wilson name will include a variety of fresh, frozen and cooked meat items, and also include marinated and seasoned cuts.

One of the most celebrated heroes of the meat industry, as president of Wilson & Co., Thomas E. Wilson worked to develop many of today's popular value-added beef and pork products. Wilson & Co. was responsible for introducing many well-known brands, such as Wilson Certified Hams, Wilson's Continental Deli and Wilson's Corn King. These brand names are now part of IBP's family of consumer products.

This spring IBP will introduce Thomas E. Wilson fresh, case-ready beef and pork on a limited basis. These are packaged beef and pork cuts ready for retail grocers to place directly into the meat case. This will be a full meat case replacement program for fresh beef and pork. Products include more than 90 beef and 40 pork items, from closely trimmed steaks and chops to roasts and spareribs. IBP's customers, which include retail grocery and club stores, will have the option of having the products pre-weighed and pre-priced. Point-of-purchase materials will be an integral part of the Thomas E. Wilson marketing effort.

The fresh, case-ready meats will be produced in IBP's Council Bluffs, IA, facility. The company said due to the anticipated demand, plans are already under way to expand case-ready production capabilities.

In addition, beginning this summer, IBP will test market the first, new line of Thomas E. Wilson fully cooked products, with national introduction scheduled for 2001.

IBP said the new products would be supported by a major marketing campaign that will ultimately reach consumers across the country. All Thomas E. Wilson products will be supported by a money-back guarantee of satisfaction.

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