The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Board of Directors received special recognition recently from the Texas A&M Agriculture Program.

Dr. Ed Hiler, Texas A&M vice chancellor for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, presented the Friend of Texas A&M Agriculture Award at the November board meeting. He noted that candidates for this award must have provided exceptional service or support to one or more of the agricultural components of the Texas A&M Agriculture Program.

"In presenting this award, we recognize the strong partnership we have shared over the years," Hiler said. "Your financial support and leadership continue to enable us to make a difference in the lives of Texans, both young and old alike, through our teaching, research and extension education and outreach programs."

Last semester, HLS&R scholarships helped more than 540 students work in undergraduate agriculture studies. In addition, HLS&R funds graduate assistantship, doctoral fellowships and endowed chairs, as well as programs that include the Agricultural Consortium of Texas, the Eisenhower Leadership Development Program, Texas A&M's Parsons Mounted Cavalry and numerous programs in veterinary medicine.

In the presentation, Hiler expressed appreciation for these and many other HLS&R contributions, including more than $19.9 million contributed to Texas A&M University and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences over the years.

"Your commitment to education, youth and communities is truly indicative of your interest in contributing to the continued development and growth of this great state which we call home," he said. "Texas is a better place thanks to you."

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