The 4-H Colorado-Japan Teen Exchange is looking for host families for 75 Japanese teens, ages 12 to 21.

Japanese teens from Labo and Utrek, which are programs similar to 4-H in the United States, will be arriving in Colorado in July. After an orientation, they will go to host families in mid to late July and stay for a month, then they will depart for Japan. Japanese participants are 100% medically covered and may participate in host family vacations. Delegates bring their own spending money.

Membership in 4-H is not a criterion for being selected as a host family. Youths ages 12 to 18 can participate. An additional benefit for participants is that teens whose families act as hosts can participate in a future delegation to Japan. A Colorado teen may visit a Japanese host family any subsequent summer.

In addition, Colorado will act as host for 10 Japanese high school exchange students, ages 16 to 18; five from the Labo program and five from the Utrek program. The youths are proficient in English and will attend an additional intensive English language class before arriving in Colorado.

For more than 20 years, 4-H Colorado-Japan Teen Exchange has fostered international awareness among young people. Exchanges, such as these between Japan and Colorado, are one of several opportunities offered through Colorado State University Cooperative Extension's 4-H Youth Development Program.

If anyone is interested in being a host family, or for more information about this program, contact the county Extension staff.

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