Grace Manufacturing, manufacturers of the Tree Terminator tree shear line, has added several attachments to their line of products.

The Mesquite Terminator is a grubber attachment specifically for skid steers. Although the Mesquite Terminator was designed with mesquite grubbing in mind, the Mesquite Terminator can also be used on small brush and seedlings. The hydraulic cylinder on the grubber has a four inch bore and an eight inch stroke. The attachment is fitted with a universal style mounting bracket that hooks up to most skid steer loaders. All Mesquite Terminators come with a replaceable blade.

Utility Buckets are also new in the Grace Manufacturing attachment line for tractors and skid steer loaders. Built rugged for heavy use, the bucket attachment is designed for material handling, grading, scarifying, and rock grubbing. A hardened edge with a reinforced mounting bracket and a reinforced bottom are standard on all buckets. The utility buckets are available in two sizes, 68 inch width and 74 inch width. Welded on adaptors with pin-on teeth are optional on all buckets.

The Grace Manufacturing attachment line includes pallet forks made of solid steel construction. The forks have 1 3/4" x 42" forged tines. Rated for 6000 pounds at 24 inches, the forks have adjustable width on circular shaft mounting. They can be locked down or allowed to float for loading and unloading on uneven terrain. The pallet fork attachment weighs 700 pounds and can be mounted on most tractor and skid steer loaders.

The fourth product in the attachment line is the Grace Manufacturing bale spike. It has single tine with 41 inches of usable length. The bale spike is rated to handle 2500 pounds at 24 inches. The weight is 200 pounds. Bale spikes can be mounted on tractors and skid steer loaders.

All of the new attachments in the Grace Manufacturing line are guaranteed for one year against manufacturing defects. Pictures and descriptions of each attachment can be viewed on the company Website at Grace Manufacturing also has a free color brochure and price list available by calling them at 417-458-4350.

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