Kansas State Treasurer Tim Shallenburger, a candidate for the Republican nomination for governor, has unveiled his vision for Kansas agriculture and its impact on the economy.

"Growing up in the rural community of Baxter Springs, I always have known that the agricultural industry serves as the backbone of our state. In fact, nearly 20% of all Kansans are employed in jobs related to agriculture," Shallenburger said. "In addition to the incredibly important role agriculture plays in the Kansas economy, it also is a key component in the nationwide agriculture economy."

In his policy statement, after consultations with leading agriculture officials, producers and agribusiness leaders, Shallenburger called for a new attitude about agriculture and the role it plays in states economy. "Kansas is an agriculture powerhouse and we need to promote, encourage and develop this resource, industry and heritage. While agriculture has remained at the top of the Kansas economy, its perception in the publics view has diminished. Agriculture needs to return to the forefront in Kansas. As governor, I will ensure that a new attitude toward agriculture will be born."

Shallenburger said, if elected, he would convene an agricultural summit meeting to address the needs and concerns of agriculture. "As governor, I will host an annual national agriculture summit. Top agribusiness leaders, national policy makers and leading edge farmers and ranchers, from across the globe, will venture to Kansas to share ideas, innovative practices, state of the art technology, thoughts, visions and dreams. Kansas again will return to the forefront of agriculture in the U.S."

Shallenburger said the values of Kansas are the values of rural Kansas and that he will make sure that the state protects and defends the private property of its citizens. On the issue of concentration packer ownership of livestock, Shallenburger said he would insist on Congressional hearings being held in Kansas. "As governor, I will call upon our Congressional delegation to insist upon intensive hearings about concentration and packer ownership of livestock and the limited number of markets Kansas beef producers have for their products. I will use my position as governor to insist the Congressional inquiry determine if Kansas family farmers are being harmed by current market conditions. If so, then I will work closely with the Kansas Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Department of Agriculture to craft appropriate remedies."

In releasing his policy statement on agriculture, Shallenburger said Kansas was the best place to live, raise a family and start a business. He called rural Kansas, and agriculture, fundamental to the quality of life in Kansas.

A complete copy of the Agricultural Policy Statement can be found at www.

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