Garvey Processing, Inc. announces the addition of Golden-Flo to its feed pellet product line. Developed specifically for the dairy industry, Golden-Flo offers dairy producers the opportunity to add the nutritional benefits of whole cottonseed to their livestock feeding program.

Golden-Flo is a blend of whole cottonseed and grain by-products formed into a dense, durable 1/4" pellet. The size, shape and weight of the pellet eliminates the hauling, handling and storage difficulties associated with the cottonseed. "Because whole cottonseed requires special equipment and processes to transport and store, it is most economical to buy in bulk quantities" commented Arnold Northrup, lead nutritionist and product development manager for Garvey. "Until Golden-Flo hit the market, it was cost-prohibitive and physically impossible for smaller-sized dairy operations to buy whole cottonseed. Dairy producers can now add Golden-Flo to their feed rations and gain the whole cottonseed nutritional benefits of protein, fat and a quality fiber source."

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