Cargill's Goertzen Seed again will offer a contract for hard white wheat delivered to Cargill AgHorizons locations and collection points in Kansas and Colorado.

This year's program will pay a 10 cent per bushel premium for delivery and up to 15 cents per bushel in quality premiums.

To participate, a grower must purchase certified white wheat seed from any certified seed grower. Goertzen Seed has supplies of Trego, Betty and Heyne available. The producer must then contract with Cargill for sale of his grain. Goertzen Seed is available to provide agronomic advice and assist in identify preservation of the wheat.

"We are pleased to offer this value-added program again for our customers," said Terry Garvert, Cargill's food grain market development manager. "Hard white wheat offers wheat producers an alternate to hard red wheat and the possibility of a higher return. It is nice to have those options available for our customers."

At harvesttime, the grower may store the wheat on farm or deliver to an authorized hard white wheat collection point. Collection points for hard white wheat include: Cargill AgHorizons, in Salina, in Hutchinson, in Hugoton, in Moscow and in Elkart; Garden City Co-op; Cornerstone, Colby; and Cargill AgHorizons, in Limon and Cheyenne Wells, CO.

Goertzen Seed is a seed research and breeding company that specializes in high-quality wheats and other food grains. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cargill Incorporated. For more information contact Goertzen Seed, at 888-888-9261.

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