By Don Schiefelbein.

American Gelbvieh Association Executive Director.

The Gelbvieh breed continues to be the fastest growing major beef breed in the United States. As other major beef breeds experienced a slow down or decline in growth, the Gelbvieh breed boasted one of its best years ever.

The Gelbvieh breed is now within striking distance of becoming the nation's largest Continental breed. While Angus growth appears to have slowed or declined in almost all key areas, the Gelbvieh breed continues to show signs of further growth and strength.

Near-record interest.

in Gelbvieh genetics.

New Gelbvieh inquiries were up an outstanding 18% thanks in large part to the highly successful AGA marketing plan. The SmartCross program is capturing the attention of the entire beef industry as other beef breeds are scrambling to keep pace with Gelbvieh's aggressive and innovative approach to marketing. AGA's simple approach to a planned crossbreeding system is striking a cord with commercial cattle producers from coast to coast. With over 65% of the nation's cattle herd now Angus-based, Gelbvieh has become the 'top-of-mind' Continental breed choice to use on these high percentage Angus-based cows.

New member.

growth up 14%.

The near-record interest generated by our new marketing plan has turned into impressive membership growth. New AGA members closed the year up 14%. Led by the state of Missouri, new memberships flowed into the association from all corners of the country. The top five growth areas for last fiscal year are Missouri, Colorado, North Carolina, Texas and Kansas.

10% growth.

in registrations.

The AGA registered 32,323 head of cattle and recorded a total of 49,432 head of cattle (computes and registered) last year, making 2001 the second best year in Gelbvieh breed history. In fact, the only year AGA recorded more cattle was in 1994-95 (33,768 head) when commercial cattle prices had just peaked and Angus growth was just beginning. In all likelihood, the past year marks a major trend reversal for Angus growth opening the door for heavy use of Gelbvieh genetics on all of those Angus-based cows.

Investing in your future.

The Gelbvieh membership is fortunate that the AGA is currently in excellent financial condition. With cash reserves in excess of $625,000 and net assets totaling more than $1.1 million, the AGA is perfectly positioned to aggressively tell the world how well Gelbvieh fit into a simple, yet effective crossbreeding system.

The AGA Board of Directors and staff are confident that wise investments in Gelbvieh genetics today will provide substantial returns in the many years to come. The results are clear. Gelbvieh genetics are badly needed in the many Angus-based cow herds of this country. That is why the American Gelbvieh Association continues to aggressively invest in our effective marketing program.

Our cattle are excellent. Our message is sound. The timing is right. It is NOT time to get quiet. It's time to tell the world.

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