Western Kansas

For the second year in a row, the Garden City Feed Yard team won the 2002 Beef Empire Days Cattle Working contest. Garden City finished with a score of 103.177 points. Poky Feeders, the second place team, was not far behind, with 103 points. Colorado Beef No. 1 finished in third place, with a score of 102.535 points.

The Garden City Feedyard team consisted of Dennis Beasley, Carla Beasley and Brandon Carmichael.

Members of the Poky Feeders team included Jason Sinner, Usbaldo Balderrama and Vincente Flores.

Colorado Beef No. 1 included Jack Martin, Tammy Hicks and Kari Brown.

Each team was from an actual processing crew, at area feedyards. Judges evaluated the teams technique and product administration on two to four head of cattle. The contest is held each year to promote the correct usage of animal health products and equipment, and to provide an opportunity for processing crews to interact and learn from suppliers and each other.

The champion team was presented with the Mike Betschart travel trophy painting, "Only About Ten to Go," and will be recognized at the Beef Empire Days awards banquet. In addition to the trophy, members of the first place team received belt buckles and a cash prize. The second place team members each received a Beef Empire Days saddle blanket. The third place team members each received a Beef Empire Days duffle-gear bag.

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