R & R Supply, the Mid-America distributors for Freezone RB276, once again will have a booth at the 3i Show.

Freezone RB276 has been shown the last three years at the 3i Show as an R12 replacement. Although that is what it was originally designed for, it now is being widely used in newer R134a systems to increase system efficiency.

In R12 and R134a systems, the only requirements for conversion are removing the old refrigerant, pulling a deep vacuum and then charging with Freezone RB276--a very simple changeover. This simple conversion leads to many benefits, but the major effects include better performance than R12, lower operating pressures, often lower temperatures and an extended compressor life.

Freezone RB276 contains a patented lubricant package which enhances lubrication, thus dramatically extending the life of a compressor. The package also acts as a corrosion inhibitor to stop acid formation which often results due to refrigerant and lubrication incompatibility.

Freezone RB276 is the only alternative replacement available that not only addresses these problems, but also has the solution built into the refrigerant package. Also, Freezone RB276 is much less expensive than the current R12 price and is comparatively priced to R134a. Freezone is the ideal replacement for mobile as well as stationary air conditioning units, and is being widely used in both across America.

In addition to Freezone RB276 refrigerant, R & R Supply also offers a wide variety of air conditioning tools, service equipment and parts at great prices.

R & R invites everyone to stop by their booth, at the 3i Show, in Garden City, KS, April 26 to 28, for more information.

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