OVERLAND PARK, KS--Fort Dodge Animal Health is kicking off the new millennium with an exciting spring promotion for its full-line of livestock products. "We are pleased to start the new year with an innovative promotion that gives quality health programs even more value," says Scott Porter, Anthelmintics Marketing Manager with Fort Dodge.

The promotion features Cydectin Pour-On for beef and dairy cattle, which is effective in the treatment of a wide variety of internal and external parasites, and provides persistent activity against brown stomach worm and lung worms. The oil-based, rainfast, nonflammable formulation eliminates the risk of injection site lesions and requires no slaughter withdrawal or milk discard. An exclusive purple marker dye instantly identifies treated animals.

In addition, the full line of Fort Dodge cattle vaccines provide protection against respiratory and reproductive diseases that can cause economic losses through treatment, infertility, death loss and production setbacks. Triangle + Type II BVD killed vaccines are proven to protect against Type I and type II BVD. PYRAMID MLV 4 is America's number one four-way, modified-live viral vaccine. PRISM( OFFERS 4-WAY KV/MLV protection. Most Triangle, PRISM and PYRAMID vaccines can be administered subcutaneously or intramuscularly. The promotion also includes Presponse Pasturella vaccines, Factrel GnRx and Synovex C estrogen growth promotion implants for calves.

Cumulative purchases totaling less than $500 earn a rebate, while purchases over $1,000 earn a 5% rebate. The Cydectin rebate varies with size and quantity purchased.

To receive cash rebates, producers must collect original animal health supplier or veterinarian receipts dated January 1 to June 30,2000. Call Fort Dodge toll-free at 800-685-5656 or contact your local animal health supplier to request more information and a rebate brochure.

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