Four Fairview FFA Chapter members recently attended the 28th annual Oklahoma FFA Alumni Leadership Camp.

This camp gives FFA members the opportunity to meet other members and learn very valuable leadership skills.

Those FFA members that attended were Katresa Brashears and Ricky Rankin, Session Three; and Miranda Cansler and Clint Sproul, Session Four. The camp is split into four different sessions. Each session has approximately 275 FFA members in attendance.

The camp offers several leadership training workshops to members. While at the camp, members were challenged by Bill Cortes, a national motivational speaker, who stressed YOGOWYPI, (you only get out what you put in). FFA members also learned about passion, excellence and character from motivational speaker Dr. Rock Rigsby. Marshall Baker, national FFA Western region vice president, shared with everyone how to make the most of the cards they have been dealt with in life.

At the end of each session, a banquet is held for the FFA members. FFA members can try out for parts at the banquet. Brashears was selected to give the welcome at the camp three banquet. Rankin was selected to perform a part at the flag lowering ceremony, which proceeds the banquet. Cansler was selected to be reporter at the fourth session banquet.

The FFA alumni camp is one of the many opportunities where members learn to set goals, develop the qualities of citizenship and learn to make a positive difference in their communities. By attending the camp, these FFA members have developed the qualities which will help them throughout their lives.

--Katresa Brashears, Fairview FFA Chapter reporter.

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