Through the past few years, the Fairview FFA Chapter and members have shown extraordinary talents in many areas and have received their due rewards and recognition.

Behind the achievements and awards is a very dedicated person. Unfortunately, he doesn't always receive the recognition he deserves while serving young people. The man is Wade Detrick, Fairview FFA Chapter agriculture instructor.

Detrick became the ag teacher in Fairview, in 1995. He came with many ideas on how to better the Fairview FFA Chapter and has been putting them into action for the past five years. Detrick always has stressed to his members to be great leaders in the FFA and to try a new experience whenever possible. Detrick constantly pushes members to work hard at everything and never give up. One of his favorite sayings is: "You must do today what others won't do, so you can have tomorrow what others can't have."

The life of an ag teacher is far from boring. He is constantly helping a student or with an activity. It does not matter if it is in the barn clipping a hog, or in the ag room working on a speech for the next contest. He is at every speaking event, every stock show and at every Parliamentarian procedure practice. He dedicates numerous hours to bettering every member, so that they can be their very best.

Along with all this hard work comes several rewards. This year, he watched as the Parliamentarian procedure team received first in the state for the second time in a row, a public speaker receive first in the state, two state winning proficiency awards and Dusty Burchfield take place the of Jackie Pembrook as the state FFA secretary, to name a few. All around him are students trying to succeed and doing their best.

Detrick also has experienced personal success this year in the Fairview FFA Chapter. The chapter received second in the state in the Gold Emblem area. He also has received many honors as an ag teacher this year.--Kendra Brashears, Fairview FFA Chapter reporter.

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