Fink Beef Genetics (FBG), Manhattan, KS, a Black Angus and Charolais seedstock company, has introduced a new marketing option for FBG customers who market their calves through U.S. Premium Beef (USPB), a producer-owned beef company that owns Farmland National Beef Packing Company with Farmland Industries.

"We are committed to helping our customers add value to their calves and believe that encouraging them to market their calves through U.S. Premium Beef will do that," Galen and Lori Fink, owners of Fink Beef Genetics, said, in making the announcement.

"There are several reasons for financially encouraging our customers to market their cattle through U.S. Premium Beef," Fink noted. "USPB offers producers one of the industry's best marketing grids that rewards high quality grading cattle. It also provides producers with individual carcass data, which we believe is critical if producers are to improve the quality of beef they produce."

"And USPB pays producers dividends from the earnings of its processing company, Farmland National Beef. That is unique to the beef industry and gives producers an opportunity to own what they produce through the value-added portion of the beef industry," Lori Fink added.

Beginning this year, Fink Genetic Systems customers who market their cattle through U.S. Premium Beef will qualify for "Fink Genetic Credits" towards the purchase of bulls from Fink Beef Genetics. To qualify for "Fink Genetic Credits" customers must provide carcass data received from U.S. Premium Beef on Fink-sired calves to Fink Beef Genetics. "We believe providing credits on new bull purchases will help offset the cost of marketing cattle through U.S. Premium Beef and will help our customers realize more profit from their Fink Beef Genetics-sired calves," Fink concluded.

Fink Beef Genetics is a leading supplier of Black Angus and Charolais carcass trait genetics to the U.S. commercial cow industry. It also is a co-founder and owner of Genetics Plus, Inc., and Integrated Genetic Management--companies designed to provide commercial producers with higher quality replacement heifer genetics and total herd genetic planning.

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