The decision by the secretary of the Kansas Department of Agriculture to ensure that wheat seed in Kansas is free from the disease Karnal bunt is a wise decision that will benefit wheat growers, according to the Kansas Farm Bureau.

"This is an example of a government agency doing what it is supposed to do--protecting those it serves," said Stan Ahlerich, Kansas Farm Bureau president. "It is a common-sense move designed to ensure that Kansas wheat remains the high quality product our customers have come to expect."

The KDA order, issued July 17, by Secretary of Agriculture Jamie Clover Adams, requires all wheat, durum wheat and triticale seed offered for sale in Kansas be tested and certified as free from Karnal bunt.

"We do not need to give our global customers any reason not to buy from us," Ahlerich continued. "We are looking for ways to enhance our exporting capabilities, not inhibit them."

The KDA administrative order applies to all seed offered for sale in Kansas, including seed grown within the state. The order also requires that portable seed conditioning equipment be cleaned and disinfected according to U.S. Department of Agriculture protocols prior to entering Kansas.

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