Brazil will join other agricultural-exporting nations in complaining to the world trade watchdog about the new U.S. Farm Bill, Brazilian agriculture minister Marcus Vinicius Pratini de Moraes said May 14.

"It will greatly harm international trade negotiations, and will depress prices of farm products in international markets," Pratini told Globo Cable TV.

Brazil, the world's the world's top emerging-country agricultural exporter, expects to join forces with other members of the Cairns Group of farm-exporting countries to attack this year's increase in U.S. farm subsidies, Reuters reports.

Pratini will have an opportunity to lambast the bill subsidies when he meets USDA secretary Ann Veneman in the United States on Monday.

Even without this Farm Bill, Brazil had already said it will challenge U.S. soybean and sugar subsidies at the WTO.

Brazil estimates that it will lose some $2.4 billion a year in farm exports due to U.S. subsidies -- primarily soy, corn and cotton.

Brazilian sugar exporters, the world's largest, also stand to lose heavily as U.S. subsidies weigh on world prices.

"We will fight this policy. We won't accept it," said Pratini. "All agricultural nations -- starting with Australia -- will go to the WTO (World Trade Organization) to complain about its harmful effects."

The next round of WTO talks with high-level ministers like Pratini and Veneman is set for Sept. 10-14 in Cancun, Mexico.

Separately in Brazil, a leading coffee farmer and former head of the influential Brazilian Rural Society of landowners agreed that the U.S. Farm Bill undermines competition and free trade.

"They preach one thing and do another," said Luiz Suplicy Hafers, adding that most of the aid goes to huge U.S. farms.

The U.S. subsidies are seen keeping uncompetitive farmers in business and cheap foreign farm products out, said Hafers.

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