The setting looks so simple and serene: Cattle roaming the range. But the most simple-looking situations are not always what they seem.

The business of grazing cattle is more complex than it appears, said Kansas State University Extension agronomist Paul Ohlenbusch.

"Graziers need to be good stewards of the land while constantly looking after the health and well being of their animals, and hopefully, earning a profit."

To that end, the Society for Range Management will host the Northwest Missouri Graziers Forum at the Downtown Marriott Hotel in Kansas City, MO, on Feb. 17, 2002.

Speakers will include well-known Colorado State University animal scientist Temple Grandin, who will speak on Low Stress Handling of Livestock. Other speakers will include: Fred Provenza, Utah State University--Plant and Animal Interactions; and Jim Gerrish, University of Missouri Forage Systems Research Center--Grazing Management.

In addition, Lee Reeve, Reeve Cattle Co., Garden City, KS; Pete Ferrell, Ferrell Ranch, Beaumont, KS, and Jim and Larry Runyan, SEIS Land and Cattle Co., with holdings in Stewartsville, MO, and Eureka, KS, will discuss the challenges and rewards that face graziers and what they've learned along the way.

The forum will be held in conjunction with the 55th Annual Society For Range Management Meeting, said Ohlenbusch, one of the meeting organizers.

For more information about the Graziers Forum, or the society, interested persons can call 816-449-2118, ext. 102.

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