The J. C. Robinson Seed Company hosted nearly 1,000 farmers, from several states, and their Golden Harvest dealers, at one of the their largest farmer events ever, the "Explore Golden Harvest" event.

The event consisted of four separate two-day events, divided into two parts, which began in a conference center, in the Omaha, NE, area, and concluded at The J. C. Robinson Seed Co. seed production facility, in Waterloo, NE, the largest dual corn and soybean conditioning facility in North America.

The event provided an opportunity for top producers to learn more about Golden Harvest products and the J. C. Robinson family first hand. Experts, from seed research, production, customer service and marketing, offered insight into the future of corn and soybean production in the U. S. and where the company's efforts have been founded.

Ed Robinson, president of The J. C. Robinson Seed Company, reminded everyone, "Our company will continue to put back profits into research that will deliver farmers the best genetic material available for corn and soybeans. We are committed to being a family seed company, and our dealers and customers are an important part of that family."

Wayne Fithian, agronomy systems manager, introduced GH PLoTS (Golden Harvest Performance by Location Testing System), a new way to look at hybrid performance, from an unbiased viewpoint, and with more selective criteria. This program allows farmers to see how a hybrid has performed, in conditions similar to their individual farming conditions and production practices.

At the seed conditioning facility, in Waterloo, attendees toured the germination lab, the seed bagging and palletizing area, the cold seed storage section and more. The J. C. Robinson Seed Company facility utilizes a new state-of-the-art-conditioning tower, which stands seven stories tall and is the largest dual corn and soybean conditioning facility in North America. Every aspect of the tower and conditioning facility was designed to deliver the best quality seed in the industry, a standard behind the consistency of Golden Harvest products.

The J. C. Robinson Seed Co. is one of five member companies that make up Golden Harvest Seeds, Inc. Golden Harvest is a registered trademark of Golden Harvest Seed, Inc.

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