Livestock producers are familiar with the names Co-Ral and CyLence for fly control.

Now, Bayer is making it even easier for producers to protect their herds from flies, with two new cattle insecticide ear tags that feature the next generation of these proven products through advances in chemistry and technology.

New Co-Ral Plus is the industry's first organophosphate liquid-dust ear tag, combining 20% liquid (diazinon) and 20% dust (coumaphos) active ingredients through an exclusive patent-pending process. New CyLence Ultra features a unique combination of 8% beta-cyfluthrin (pyrethroid) and 20% piperonyl butoxide (PBO), a synergist that increases the power of the insecticide; and beta-cyfluthrin is two times more active than cyfluthrin.

"Both of these unique ear tags provide livestock producers with a superior level of season-long fly control. They also offer an excellent two-year rotation strategy, so producers can stay one step ahead of any active ingredient resistance issues," according to Richard Hack, product manager of Farm Hygiene, at Bayer.

Continual horn fly exposure to a single class of insecticide (such as pyrethroids or organophosphates) may lead to the development of resistance. To reduce the possibility of horn flies developing resistance, it is important to rotate the class of insecticide and/or the methods to control horn flies on a seasonal basis.

The Co-Ral Plus liquid-dust ear tag was created with a new patent pending production process that combines the dry and liquid active ingredients into a unique plastic matrix for optimal tag integrity and effective season-long fly control. The process allows the active ingredients to be released more thoroughly and longer over the entire fly season, which means better overall performance, less waste and reduced environmental concern at disposal.

Results from field studies confirm the new Co-Ral Plus tag provides better season-long fly control than other tags. Compared to a leading 40% diazinon ear tag, Co-Ral Plus released 12% more active ingredients during the six-month testing period. The diazinon tags stopped releasing by day 135, and the Co-Ral Plus tags were still actively releasing three weeks later when the study ended. Testing during a six-month period also confirmed that the Co-Ral ear tags released 87.2% of its active coumaphos and 67.6% of the active diazinon for a combined active release of 77.3%. In comparison, a leading 40% diazinon tag released only 65.7% of its active ingredient over the same time period.

The new CyLence Ultra ear tag, containing a synergized fifth generation pyrethroid insecticide, is turning out equally impressive results, particularly when it comes to face fly control. During field tests, the CyLence Ultra ear tag controlled twice as many face flies, compared to a leading pyrethroid tag. And, compared to a top diazinon tag, CyLence Ultra controlled five times more face flies during the 13-week test period. CyLence Ultra ear tags delivered 100% control of face flies on days one and seven, post treatment. Through the remaining 13 weeks of testing, face fly control for CyLence Ultra (at 82% mean average) was twice as effective as a leading 10% cyfluthrin (pyrethroid) ear tag, which averaged 44% control.

The Co-Ral Plus ear tag will be available at local animal health suppliers in February, 2002. CyLence Plus tags will be available in March, 2001. Since both new ear tags from Bayer utilize the Allflex Global Tagging System, Bayer and Allflex have teamed up to offer producers free Allflex products with the purchase of Co-Ral Plus or CyLence Ultra ear tags. The "Start Out Right"--Bayer Rewards Program kicked off Jan. 1, 2002, and runs through June 30, 2002. For more details, producers should contact their nearest animal health supplier.

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