Exhibitors from 16 states competed at the World Pork Expo, in Des Moines, IA.

Entries were judged for phenotype and genetic merit, based on real time scan data and Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs).

The Duroc Show was judged by Brian Hines, Quincy, MI. He was assisted by Dr. Bob Hines, Manhattan, KS. Howard Parrish, Edon, OH, sold 21 boars averaging $1,625, and 22 gilts averaging $527.

The Duroc Premier Sire Award was presented to GJ0 Redwood 31-8, owned by Guy Jackson and Stein and Stewart. WFD9 Kobe 241-1, owned by Swine Genetics International, Whiteshire, Waldo Farms, Stewart Durocs and Zehr, was named reserve premier sire.

The grand champion and top selling Duroc boar, shown by Huinker Durocs, Ltd., Decorah, IA, sold to Salmon Creek, Compart and Swine Genetics International for $8,000. The boar was sired by HD0 Trademark 37-5.

Rick Whitman, RW Genetics, Palmyra, NE, exhibited the reserve champion and second top-selling Duroc boar. He sold to Swine Genetics International, Cambridge, IA, for $3,600.

Lot 86-2, shown by Isler Genetics, was named grand champion Duroc gilt. She was sired by ID0 Code Red 141-1 and sold to P & S Swine, Madera, CA, for $950.

The reserve champion and top-selling Duroc gilt was exhibited by RW Genetics and sold to Richard Waltman, Augusta, KS, for $2,000.

Steve Rodibaugh, Rensselaer, IN, judged the Yorkshire Show and was assisted by Jeff Rodibaugh. Dan Baker, West Lafayette, IN, auctioneered 30 boars averaging $2,278 and 55 gilts averaging $816.

Top Cut Sires accepted the Yorkshire Premier Sire Award for their boar, WJD0 Tune In 35-2. The reserve premier sire plaque was presented to Steve Cobb and Chuck Olsen for ARK0 Full Power 46-4.

The grand champion and top-selling Yorkshire boar was exhibited by Doug Porter, California, MO, and sold to Lean Value Sires for $37,000. This boar was the top-selling overall at this years expo.

Carl Ferrand, Greencastle, IN, showed the reserve champion and second top-selling Yorkshire boar. He sold to Wilbert Moench, Terra Bella, CA, for $4,200.

Grand champion Yorkshire gilt honors went to Chuck Olsen, Irene, SD. Olsens gilt sold to Ronnie Smith, Wabash, IN, for $3,100.

The reserve champion Yorkshire gilt was exhibited by Creager Farms, Wauseon, OH, and sired by TDC0 CEO 87-5, the world record-selling boar from the 2001 Summer Type Conference. Creagers gilt sold for $2,300 to Terry Stade Farms, Inc., Shakopee, MN.

The top selling Yorkshire gilt was Chuck Olsens second place gilt, who sold to Hirschfeld & Sons, Benedict, NE, for $6,600.

Dr. Harold Hodson, Cambridge, IA, judged the Landrace Show. Howard Parrish served as auctioneer and sold four boars averaging $1,525 and five gilts averaging $400.

The plaque for premier Landrace sire was presented to Jon Fisher, Prairie State Semen, Inc., Champaign, IL, for CR9 PSSS Snake 152-1. Cedar Ridges CR0 Supreme 345-1 was named reserve premier sire.

The grand champion boar, exhibited by Limerock Genetics, Cresco, IA, sold to Christian Genetic Services, Woodward, IA, for $1,800. The boar was sired by CR0 Supreme 345-1.

Cedar Ridge Farms, Inc., Red Bud, IL, sold their reserve champion Landrace boar to Christian Genetic Services for $1,400.

The top-selling boar was exhibited by Hoewischer Farms, Sydney, OH, and sold to Prairie State Semen, Inc., for $2,500.

Bob Naylor, Cambridge, IA, evaluated the Hampshires. Kevin Wendt, Green Springs, OH, auctioneered 18 boars averaging $1,326 and 20 gilts averaging $967.

The Hampshire Premier Sire Award was presented to SGI for COY7 Golden Eagle 1-4. The reserve award went to William G. Nash and Hendrickson farms for LDC0 Blackout 36-2.

Joe Lancaster, Ada, OK, exhibited the grand champion Hampshire boar, who was sired by JL0 Shoot Out 24-3. This boar also was the top-selling Hampshire boar, as he sold to Oklahoma State University for $4,000.

Reserve champion Hampshire boar honors were awarded to Earl Cain & Family, Chariton, IA, and sold to Eugene and Connie Gross, Holcomb, KS, for $2,000.

The grand champion Hampshire gilt was exhibited by Earl Cain & Family and sold to Margo Fenn and WD Swine, for $2,600.

Penner Hampshires, Inc., exhibited the reserve champion Hampshire gilt, a daughter of JSEO Choctaw 137-1. This gilt sold for $1,150 to Dennie Hansard, Shafter, CA.

The top-selling Hampshire gilt was exhibited by Autumn Rose, Kirklin, IN, and sold to Ronald Holley, Bridgeport, TX, for $5,750.

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