High Plains crop and livestock producers will not want to miss one of the area's premiere agricultural events, the 3i Show, April 27 to 29, at Great Bend, KS.

This annual show, now in its 46th year, will feature implements, irrigation and industrial displays. It is sponsored by the Western Kansas Manufacturers Association.

Shortly after the end of World War II, western Kansas manufactures loaded their new post-war products on trucks and displayed them at small towns and cities in western Kansas. Agricultural producers eagerly awaited the caravan to arrive in their town.

As more manufacturers of agricultural equipment began operations in western Kansas, it became impractical to truck all the equipment and exhibits from town to town. In the early days of what has become known the 3i Show, it was held in Liberal, Dodge City, Garden City, Hays and Great Bend.

As the size of the 3i Show expanded to include exhibitors from major equipment manufacturers in the United State, Canada and overseas, Garden City and Great Bend became the two locations to host the annual show.

Today, through work and dedication, the 3i Show and Western Kansas Manufacturers Association members are known worldwide for their products and services available for the agricultural industry. And behind the scenes, hundreds of volunteers work thousands of hours to put on this annual event.

The 3i Show is definitely one of a kind and one High Plains area agricultural producers should not miss.

This week's High Plains Journal features stories about 3i Show events, exhibitors and advertisers, along with a map of the show area and where exhibitors are located.--gh.

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