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The Kansas State University Telefund 2000, the world's largest all-volunteer telephone campaign for higher education, recently announced those students who received $250 Parents Telefund Scholarships.

The Parents Telefund Scholarship fund, which received $32,350 in pledges this year, is a fund established through pledges from student callers' parents and other family members. Erin Schneweis, Erin Goodnight, and Quentin Brands, Dodge City, were chosen at random to receive Parents Telefund scholarships. Schneweis is a student in the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Scholarship recipients were among 1,437 student volunteer callers, representing all nine academic colleges, who volunteered at least four hours during Telefund 2000.

Throughout the month of February, 21, 266 alumni and friends pledged $1,235,174 , to provide scholarships and educational benefits in the nine colleges. To recognize and encourage Telefund volunteers, businesses from Manhattan and across the nation donated more than $60,000 in prizes.

"Telefund's success is a testament to the commitment and dedication of K-State students, alumni, faculty and staff," said Gordon Dowell, Telefund director and Foundation director of annual giving.

In its 21-year history, K-State's all-volunteer campaign has raised $12.9 million via 328,370 pledges for student scholarships, student projects, faculty development and educational materials. The Kansas State University Foundation Annual Giving Department coordinates Telefund. The final total earned by Telefund 2000 will be counted toward the KSU Foundation's $50,000,000 Scholarship Campaigns.

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