Only in the United States of America could a presidential election and vote count and recount drag out for over a month.

In any other country in the world, it is most likely by now that some type of military caretaker government would have been tried. But we do not have armed soldiers or tanks in our streets to keep peace or to back some over zealous military general who believes the country and democracy are in peril of being taken over by the communists and other subversive elements.

While everyone may be getting tired of reading about or hearing and seeing the recount drama on nightly television being played out in Florida, our democratic form of government keeps rolling on.

There are enough Constitutional safeguards in place, that most people do not feel threatened by outside sources bent on taking over this nation in its hours of indecision. And U.S. citizens are content to let the courts settle the issue. That should be worth something, and it is.

Perhaps the greatest lesson to be learned from this presidential election is that our democratic government has a very strong foundation. And that the founders of this nation and the authors of the Constitution placed the continuation and strength of this nation above party politics.--gh.

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