Austin, TX, will be the host city of the 2002 World Deer Farming Congress III, which will be held in conjunction with the annual North American Deer Farmers Association (NADeFA) convention, Feb. 19 to 23.

This global gathering of deer farmers and ranchers will provide educational events, the chance to earn prestige and recognition through photo and hard antler competitions, networking opportunities and tours to Texas deer farms and ranches for practical knowledge, as well as auxiliary events for traveling companions.

World leaders, from New Zealand, Britain, Canada, China, North America, Australia, Belgium and Scotland, will discuss a wide range of topics, from the historic importance of deer farming to human culture, to whole-farm management, to how the various international associations and cervid species groups are promoting the production of deer for food and game animals worldwide.

Sessions on practical subjects, such as antler development, parasite control, health maintenance and public perception of deer farming and ranching, will provide conference goers with a balanced educational array.

Red deer, elk and Sika producers; fallow and Axis producers; and whitetail deer producers will enjoy one complete afternoon to meet with their colleagues, from around the world, and discuss issues unique to each species, in specialized breakout and educational seminars.

As in past years, the NADeFA annual convention draws other events related to the deer farming industry. Drs. Rob Deegan, Iowa, and Ken Waldrup, Texas, representing the American Association of Small Ruminate Practitioners Deer Committee, are organizing the North American Deer Veterinarian Seminar for 2002. Called NADVET 2002: The World Tour, this seminar will provide time for discussion of top-of-the-mind topics, such as chronic wasting disease of elk, Johnes disease and tuberculosis. NADVET 2002 will be held Tuesday and Wednesday, Feb. 19 and 20. Following on the heels of the NADeFA convention and World Deer Farming Congress III will be a workshop presented by Safe Capture International, which will run Saturday afternoon and Sunday, Feb. 23 and 24.

Social events are part of the 2002 meeting. All participants will have the chance to sample Texas culture, with a Saturday evening Grand Ole Texas Party. The party will begin with a tour of a 700-acre game preserve, and continue with authentic tunes and entertainment, allowing convention goers the chance to kick back and enjoy a warm Texas evening.

For more information on the 2002 NADeFA annual convention and the World Deer Farming Congress III, contact Phyllis Menden, NADeFA Headquarters, 9301 Annapolis Road, Suite 206, Lanham, MD 20706-3115; telephone, 301-459-7708; or fax, 301-459-7864.

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