Temperatures for December were moderate, the Kansas Agricultural Statistics Service reports.

Highs ranged from 74 degrees, at Silver Lake, to 67 degrees, at Scandia and Colby. Lows ranged from five degrees, at Scandia, to 12 degrees, at Parsons.

Very little precipitation fell across the state during the month. Topsoil moisture was rated 28% very short, 54% short and 18% adequate.

Wheat condition was rated 7% very poor, 16% poor, 35% fair, 35% good and 7% excellent. Dry conditions continue to persist in many areas of the state. Wheat remains drought-stressed in these dry areas, with poorly developed root systems.

Damage from wind is reported to be light on 11% of the acreage and moderate to severe on 6%. Eighty-three percent of the wheat has no wind damage.

Wheat freeze damage has been very light so far. Reports show that 3% of the acreage has moderate freeze damage and 16% light damage. Eighty-one percent of the acres have no freeze damage.

Mild temperatures and little or no snow have been advantageous to stockmen across the state. Cattle grazing n crop stubble or winter pasture have required supplemental feeding but at lower rates than with normally colder weather.

Hay and forage supplies were rated 2% very short, 17% short, 76% adequate and 5% surplus.

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