New Mexico

There were 6.4 days suitable for field work during the week ending Oct. 13, says the New Mexico Agricultural Statistics Service.

Freeze damage was 18% light and 3% moderate.

Farmers were busy harvesting their crops and cutting hay.

Cotton remains in mostly fair to good condition, with bolls opening at 94% and the harvest 12% complete. Defoliants have been applied and harvest should pick up once things dry out.

Irrigated sorghum was listed as fair to good, with 79% mature and 12% harvested. Dryland sorghum was listed as very poor to fair, with only 42% mature and 6% harvested.

Corn for grain was 66% harvested.

Peanuts were 30% harvested.

The red chile harvest was 38% complete.

The apple harvest is 83% finished, with reports of low production, due to the late frost experienced this spring.

Alfalfa was reported as 12% very poor, 13% poor, 45% fair, 25% good and 5% excellent. The sixth cutting was 76% complete and the seventh was 42% complete.

Ranchers spent the week filling tanks and supplementing feed. They continue to sell calves and lambs and cull older animals. Many also are reducing some of their breeding stock, due to the limited availability of feed.

Cattle were listed as 9% very poor, 19% poor, 39% fair, 31% good and 2% excellent.

Sheep were listed as 12% very poor, 29% poor, 31% fair, 27% good and 1% excellent.

Range and pasture conditions were 29% very poor, 36% poor, 27 fair, 7% good and 1% excellent.

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