Red Wing Business Systems, Inc., has added several enhancements to their Cow-Calf Production software for helping cow-calf producers improve herd management.

For registered producers, Red Wing has developed interfaces with the databases for the International Brangus Breeders Association, American International Charolais Association, Red Angus Association of America and the American Romagnola Association. Red wing also is near completion of an interface with the Braunvieh Association of America.

These interfaces let producers register animals by electronic file format using e-mail or diskettes. The producer's database also can be updated automatically using files sent from the breed association. Red Wing has been asked to develop similar interfaces with several other breed associations and will continue to expand the list of breed associations compatible with its software.

Alabama cow-calf producers soon will have access to Red Wing's Cow-Calf Production software through county Extension agencies. Red Wing has been working with the Alabama BCIA and Auburn University to provide software that will combine the information currently tracked through the Alabama BCIA records program, with Red Wing's ability to allow the producer to track production of the cow herd beyond the weaning phase.

Red Wing's Cow-Calf Production software will help the producers work towards vertical integration and coordination to ensure quality, consistency and safety of their product. The software eventually will be available in each county in Alabama. Any producer in the county will have access to it. The Alabama BCIA hopes to put a copy of Red Wing's program in each county Extension or NRCS office during 2000-2001.

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