Dates and locations of the 2000 National Cotton Council-FMC Producer Information Exchange (P.I.E.) Program have been announced.

Cotton producers from the Southeast will tour Arizona and California farming operations, July 8 to 14. Producers from Arizona, California and New Mexico will visit operations in North Carolina and South Carolina, July 22 to 27. Mid-South producers will travel to Texas, August 5 to 10. Producers from Oklahoma and Texas will see operations in Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee, August 19 to 24.

Upon completion of the 2000 tours, the P.I.E. program will have exposed more than 500 cotton producers to innovative production practices in regions different than their own.

"The overall aim of the P.I.E. program is to help America's cotton producers become more efficient by speeding up their adoption of proven technology and innovative farming methods," said David Burns, a North Carolina cotton producer who serves as president of The Cotton Foundation. "With all the demands of sorting out data created by this Information Age, the face-to-face communication opportunities afforded by the P.I.E. program are invaluable."

The information share program, which is managed by the Council's field services staff, is supported by a grant to the Foundation from FMC Corporation.

"FMC continues to be very excited to sponsor the cotton P.I.E. program, which is now in its 12th year," said Ed Cherry, FMC's manager, government regulations and agribusiness affairs. "We have received valuable feedback from the key cotton growers who participate in this program. This input has helped our technical staff as they work to bring new technology to the market."

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