The Missouri Corn Growers Association has released its analysis of HR 2646, the Farm Security Act.

The U.S. House of Representatives passed the legislation, commonly known as the farm bill. HR 2646 is a 10-year, $170 billion authorization of funding for agriculture programs. The Senate Agriculture Committee is expected to begin mark-up of their version of the farm bill.

"The Missouri Corn Growers Association has released a thorough analysis of HR 2646," explained Gary Marshall, MCGA chief executive officer. "We wanted to provide interested parties with our thoughts on the provisions included in the House farm bill and what should be included in the Senate version. MCGA has been involved throughout the farm bill development process. We produced a similar analysis in July, after the House Agriculture Committee chairman revealed a draft farm bill concept paper.

"We also produced a top 10 list of farm bill priorities to Senators Bond and Carnahan, as well as Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Harkin. While our growers and staff leaders have held numerous formal and informal conversations with our senators, we wanted to officially remind them what our priorities are for the Senate farm legislation," Marshall said.

MCGA priorities for the next farm bill include:

--Retain planting flexibility of current farm law.

--Retain foundation of fixed, decoupled payments.

--Strengthen farm programs with an income-triggered counter cyclical program.

--Fix fundamental implementation problems with marketing loan program and associated loan deficiency payments or roll program funding into counter cyclical program.

--Allow producers option of updating their farm program base acres and yields.

--Provide producers with innovative, broad-based and flexible financial and technical assistance for meeting conservation goals.

--Stimulate innovation in agriculture by expanding ag research funding and programs.

--Lock-in farm program spending of at least $170 billion for the next 10 years.

The four-page "Analysis of HR 2646, the Farm Security Act, and Recommendations to Senate for Farm Bill Consideration" is available on the Farm Bill Center of Missouri Corn Online, at http://www.mocorn.org.

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