Lindsay Manufacturing Co., Lindsay, NE, announces two new offerings for farmers.

The company is adding chemical injection systems to its GrowSmart brand product line through the acquisition of Injection Systems, Inc., (ISI) of Redding, CA. ISI specializes in manufacturing chemical injection products used in the agriculture, drip and landscape/turf irrigation markets. These control systems are designed to improve efficiency and safety of water-applied chemicals through irrigation systems.

"The ISI acquisition has allowed us to continue to add products to our GrowSmart line that offer real solutions for producers trying to improve the overall crop productions efficiency and turf care," Lindsay President and Chief Executive Officer Rick Parod said. "Chemigation and fertigation are integral components of utilizing irrigation systems."

ISI's products will be sold under the GrowSmart brand name and marketed to the agriculture, landscape/turf and drip irrigation markets.

Lindsay Manufacturing also announces an exclusive agreement with Earth Chem, Fort Collins, CO, to distribute and sell soil stabilizing polymers in the center pivot, lateral move, furrow, drip and landscape irrigation markets. The new line, tradenamed SoilMAX, will be a part of the GroSmart brand and will be sold through the worldwide network of Zimmatic irrigation dealers.

"We foresee soil stabilizing polymers as a valuable addition to our GrowSmart line," Parod said. "The polymers offer a range of benefits, including the ability to minimize any wheel tracks that may be created by center pivot and lateral move systems and to reduce erosion and soil loss caused in furrow irrigation. These benefits have already been thoroughly proven by years of government research and in subsequent field trials."

Zimmatic dealers will market SoilMAX in soluble tablet form for use with center pivot and lateral move systems. The tablets are placed in a SoilMAX Track Pack and attached to the system so that irrigation spray will cause them to dissolve into the area ahead of each wheel. This releases polymers that stabilize the soil aggregate and increase its infiltration ability. As a result, the soil in the wheel track area tends to drain normally and resist the compaction, water puddling and subsequent erosion that can cause rutting.

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