During the Big Country Breeders Sale, in Columbus, MT, Cayuse Livestock, Melville, MT, donated a bred Angus heifer to the Ranchers-Cattlemen Action Legal Fund (R-CALF).

The heifer was auctioned off and for every $100 bid, the bidder was entered once to a raffle. When the bidding was completed, more than $8,000 was raised for R-CALF. John and Betty Small, Busby, MT, were the lucky winners of the bred heifer.

Bill Donald, Cayuse Livestock and an R-CALF Executive Committee member, said, "We donated this heifer to help R-CALF continue the outstanding work they have done to defend the U.S. cattle industry. R-CALF's members, board and especially Leo and Sam McDonnell have given so freely of their time and money, that we felt it was time the cattle industry gave back to them."

"I want to thank everyone who contributed to the raffle, but even more than that, I want to thank R-CALF for taking a stand for cattle producers in this country. Our future, as an industry, depends on all of us standing together and R-CALF is living proof of what can be accomplished when we do," Donald said.

R-CALF is an organization created to address market issues and ensure the profitability of U.S. cattle producers, with the primary purpose of addressing the damage posed to the U.S. live cattle industry from imports and unfair and illegal trade practices. R-CALF is made of and led by concerned cattle producers across America. Join R-CALF by calling 406-322-4169.

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