Cattle-Lac liquid supplements help producers get the very most out of their valuable pastureland.

The Cattle-Lac supplement stimulates beneficial bacteria in the cattle's rumen, allowing the animal to break down grass roughage faster and easier. The cattle then eat more grass, which means a healthier, heavier animal. The bottom line is that producers who feed Cattle-Lac supplements get the maximum amount of meat per acre of pasture.

"Green grass isn't enough!" The problem with lush, green grass alone is too much moisture. While grass contains many important nutrients, water fills up the cattle before they have had a chance to consume their daily nutrient requirements.

If a producer has been feeding cubes, a few good reasons to switch to Cattle-Lac supplements include cattle will not eat enough grass when feeding them cubes, because they will wait to be fed. A producer has to feed cubes once a day, every day. That means extra labor and time hauling the cubes to the field-rain or shine. Shy, timid cattle may not get their share of cubes, due to "boss" cows. Also, cubes tend to get trampled by the herd, wasting the cattle's feed and money. With liquid feed, time and labor requirements are practically nil.

Customers feeding Cattle-Lac year round are realizing up to 50-pound heavier weaning weights, while the consumption rate is only one quarter to one half pound per head per day for cow and calf from April to September. Cattle eating one half pound per head per day for 180 days (April to September) will consume 90 pounds of Cattle-Lac and their calves will wean up to 50 pounds heavier. The bottom line is more producer profit!

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