Twenty Morgan County, Colorado 4-H and FFA youths are being provided the opportunity to raise a market pig or lamb through the Morgan County Extension Catch-It-Programs.

This is an educational program, in which the contestant who caught a pig or lamb at last year's Morgan County Fair, in August, was presented an animal May 6. The animals will be fed out and exhibited at this year's county fair.

The program consists of five categories: record keeping, sponsor relations, interview judging, rate of gain and show ring placings. The champion catch-it-animal participant will be determined by achieving the highest score based on these five categories.

This year's Catch-It-Pig participants are Katherine Coffin, Fort Morgan; Nicholas Dreitz, Brush; Beau Fuchs, Weldona; Kyle Graulus, Fort Morgan; Darren Kendall, Wiggins; Stephanie Lebsock, Fort Morgan; Ryan Megel, Wiggins; and Emily Nation, Snyder.

The Catch-It-Lamb participants are Shawn Anderson, Fort Morgan; Tristan Brandenburg, Snyder; Matt Doughty, Weldona; Hunter Fuchs, Weldona; Greg Genho, Brush; Ashley Kauffman, Fort Morgan; Kim Nation, Snyder; Michaela Strand, Brush; Peggy Tormohlen, Brush; and Travis Varlman, Brush.

Youths pay one-half of the cost of the animal, while local sponsors provide the other half of the cost.

The catch-it animals can be viewed at the Morgan County Fair, Brush, Aug. 6 to 10.

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