With a change in federal leadership in January there will be a change in focus on the environment and our carbon footprint. What does this mean to the Carbon Credit Market? Is the Carbon Credit Market something for the producers in Colorado and the Great Plains? How can farmers, ranchers and foresters take advantage of this opportunity? Is it right for me?

A conference is being planned to answer these questions and more. The title for the conference is "Terrestrial (Agriculture and Forestry) Carbon Credit Opportunities in Colorado; for Landowners and Producers (Sellers)." The conference will be on Dec. 4 starting at 8:30 a.m., in Brighton, Colorado at the Adams County Regional Park in the Al Lesser Building.

The agenda for the day will begins with producers who are presently in the Carbon Credit Market. They will talk about how they see these opportunities and how you could benefit from them. Keith Paustian, a scientist from the Natural Resources Ecology Lab at CSU will talk about carbon measuring in the soil. After lunch Steve Black from Senator Salazar's office will discuss potential future legislation. To finish the day Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Colorado Department of Agriculture and Rocky Mountain Farmers Union will discuss agriculture carbon credits in Colorado.

According to Rich Mullaney, AgriTech Consulting, "Carbon Sequestration is new to Colorado; this workshop focuses on providing information to potential sellers of Carbon Credits. This conference is developed to give landowners and producers more information to be able to take advantage of this opportunity."

To receive a brochure and more information on this conference and register on line go to or contact Rich Mullaney at 970-345-2711 or Mark Cronquist, Conservation Specialist with the Colorado State Conservation Board, at 970-330-0380, ext. 212 or Beth Knudsen at 720-519-0498.

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