OTTAWA (B)--Canadian farmers produced the second largest amount of durum wheat on record this year, but grain corn producers were disappointed with production despite a record planted acreage, Statistics Canada said Dec. 5. All wheat production was unchanged from last year, canola production was off 19.1% and barley rose 2.1%, according to the Statistics Canada November production report.

Barley production amounted to 13.468 million tonnes, a 2% increase over last year. This was slightly below the five-year average of 13.6 million tonnes. Barley is becoming more valuable because of a countervail duty on U.S. grain corn imports into the western provinces has resulted in a steadily increasing demand for feed grain from the western Canadian hog and cattle industries, said Statistics Canada.

Durum wheat production reached an estimated 5.6 million tonnes, up 1.3 million tonnes from 1999. Farmers reported yields of 32.1 bushels per acre, 4.2 bushels per acre less than last year's record yield and lower than the five-year average of 32.4 bushels per acre, said the report.

The crop was harvested on 6.5 million acres, 2.1 million more than last year. The five-year average for harvested area is 5.5 million acres.

Saskatchewan produced 84% of the total durum wheat, followed by Alberta with 13% and Manitoba with 3%.

A wet, cool growing season severely reduced corn production, which amounted to 6.8 million tonnes, a 26% drop from 1999. This was the lowest production since 1993, and was 15% below the five-year average of 8.0 million tonnes, said the report.

Yields of all grain corn in Quebec dropped by 36.0 bushels per acre and in Ontario by 23.2 bushels per acre. The yield of genetically modified grain corn in Quebec was about 11.0 bushels per acre more than the yield of non- genetically modified grain corn, while in Ontario, these yields were 4.0 bushels per acre higher, the report said.

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