The biannual Latin American wheat Buyer's Conference, hosted by U.S. wheat in San Diego, CA, drew 132 industry leaders. One of those leaders, a major Mexican wheat importer, announced that they purchased 20,000 MT of HRW from Kansas via direct rail shipment as a result of attending this conference.

Focusing on topics that will help wheat buyers formulate a purchasing strategy using current supply and demand information on the wheat crop and projected price relationships, the conference also provided a forum for Latin American wheat buyers to meet face to face with the U.S. grain companies. In addition to the larger multinational companies, many smaller country elevators from Kansas, Oklahoma, and North Dakota attended the conference in order to form direct business relationships with the wheat buyers.

"This conference is a grain trader's dream," one grain merchandiser said, "because in one place we can meet directly and do business with all of the major wheat buyers of Latin America."

USW thanks the following organizations for their contribution to the Conference: Arizona Grain & Research Promotion Council, Bunge Corporation, California wheat Commission, Cargill, Cenex Harvest States, Colorado wheat Administrative Committee, Farmer's Commodity Corporation, IceCorp.Com, Idaho wheat Commission, International Grains Program/Kansas State University, Louis Dreyfus Corporation, North American Export Grain Association, North Dakota wheat Commission, Northern Crops Institute, Pacific Grain Exporters Association, Scoular Grain, San Diego Marriott and Marina, Tradigrain, Trigonomica de las Americas, and USDA/FAS.

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