The 27th annual performance test conducted by the Southeast Colorado Bull Test Association started Nov. 28.

There were 46 bulls included in the weigh-in report, which is down considerably from previous years. The bulls come from 13 different cooperators, including three first-time participants. The test will continue for 112 days, concluding March 20, 2001. The sale is scheduled for Thursday, April 5, at Trail City Feedlot, Holly, CO.

The average weight starting the feeding period was 721 pounds, at an average age of 268 days. This is a higher starting weight, at a little younger age than a year ago.

The performance testing program is conducted with the cooperation of Colorado State University Cooperative Extension and Trail City Livestock, Holly. Leonard Pruett, Extension agent, Lamar, is test program coordinator. George Ellicott, retired Extension agent, from Eads, who coordinated this test for many years, remains actively involved as a board member and secretary-treasurer of the association. The feedlot location is one and one-half miles south of Holly, on Colorado Highway 89, and two and one-half miles east on Road DD.

The bulls are being fed a hay-based ration that is designed to develop the bulls for use as yearlings. It will allow the bulls to express their genetic potential for feedlot gain, but is not designed for maximum gain.

The largest breed group this year is 16 head of Hereford bulls. Angus made up the second largest breed group, 14 head. Others are seven Gelbvieh and six Red Angus, Chiangus and Saler.

The bulls will be weighed at 35, 77 and 112 days, with reports made available at those times.

Anyone interested in the data on these bulls may obtain a copy of the report by calling Pruett, at 719-336-7734.

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