Western Kansas

Triangle H Grain & Cattle Co. and the Harrell Cattle Co. smiled from ear to ear when they received the prestigious Earl C. Brookover Memorial Award.

Triangle H Grain & Cattle Co. fed steer No. 198 and placed third in the live show and seventh place in the carcass show to win the overall award. The steer weighed 1,224 pounds and the carcass had a quality grade of Choice.

The Grand Champion Carcass Award, sponsored by Excel, was steer No. 198, fed by Triangle H Grain & Cattle Co.

Triangle H Grain & Cattle Co. took home grand champion steer honors, while Supreme Cattle Co., Liberal, won grand champion heifer.

The Champion Heifer Carcass Award, sponsored by Pharmacia & Upjohn, was awarded to Triangle H Grain & Cattle Company heifer No. 577. Thomas County Feeders, Inc., fed the reserve champion heifer carcass, with No. 538.

The Steer Carcass Show champion was owned and fed by Kansas State University Ag Research Center--Hays, Hays, KS. Reserve champion steer carcass was fed by CSA Cattle Co., LLC, and owned by CSA Cattle Co. and Steve Suther.

The Carcass Judging Contest was held at IBP, after the Certified Angus Beef (CAB) and Pfizer Animal Health Awards Banquet.

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