Mary Loraine "Mary Lou" Williams, Brandon, has been selected as a year 2000 Master Farm Homemaker.

The award program is sponsored by Colorado State University, Colorado Farm Bureau, Colorado Cattlemen and CattleWomen Associations, Colorado State Grange and the Colorado Master Farm Homemaker's Guild.

Williams, and her husband, C. H. "Pinky", have been farming and ranching for over 38 years, in the Brandon area. They raised four children, while Pinky worked for another rancher-farmer, and Mary Lou helped prepare harvest meals and housed summer help. In time, by working hard, they obtained interest in land of their own.

As an active farm wife and mother of four children, Williams has led an active role on the farm and with her family. She not only makes sure that her family was taken care of during the busy farming season, but also was busy helping her husband with various farm chores. They raised a large garden and raised chickens and pigs. She does a lot of canning, cooking ad baking.

Williams is an active member of Kowa County Women Involved in Farm Economics and is one of the founding members. She is an active member of the Colorado WIFE Association serving as historian and is secretary of the county chapter. She has also attended the National WIFE meetings. Williams helps to alert others in the community and in the area on farm issues. She remains interested in the local school and is present at school activities and encourages the young people. She also is active in the Rebekah Lodge, bowling leagues and hobby clubs.

Williams makes her home available to neighborhood children who need care when parents are away. She is known for her care and concern for others in the community. She does much as a neighbor and is playing a vital role in children's lives. She is very active with her local church, where she is recording clerk, serves on committees and is news reporter.

Between her excellent talent with arts and craft pieces and her husband's metal and woodworking, they have created a delightful decorated home. Williams also enjoys crocheting, painting and doing crafts and ceramics.

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