The Iowa Beef Center at Iowa State University is gearing up for its fourth annual Southwest Iowa Feedlot Short course. This year's program will include perennial features such as following four pens of cattle for four months to harvest, but will focus on the unique challenges facing feedlot management.

"The past feedlot short courses have focused on day-to-day feedlot management practices," says Darrell Busby, ISU Extension beef specialist. "While some of those subjects are still part of this year's meetings, our agenda will focus more on the feedlot manager's decisions on marketing plans, grid marketing, new markets and environmental management, which are important to the feedlot manager."

The short courses feature presenters from ISU, South Dakota State University, University of Nebraska and Certified Angus Beef(R), including Mike Apley, Robbi Pritchard, Larry Corah, John Lawrence, Dan Loy, Galen Erickson, Janice Swanson, Shawn Shouse, Bud Beedle and Dallas Maxwell.

The series kicks off June 3 at the Wallace Foundation/Armstrong Learning Center near Lewis, with presentations on managing health in the feedlot, beginning a marketing plan and an update on the national animal identification plan (USAIP). Future meetings will feature business management and economics, environmental strategies, facility systems and nutrition, including 'BRANDS,' the Iowa Beef Center's new nutrition software package.

The five-part short course meets once a month during June, July, August, September and November at the Armstrong Learning Center. The entire series is $175, or past participants may attend individual sessions for $45. Class size is limited to 30 participants, and Busby recommends early registration. The short courses are co-sponsored by Certified Angus Beef, Ft. Dodge Animal Health, Pfizer and others. Veterinarians can earn four hours of continuing education credit for each session for a total of 24 hours.

For more information on all short course sessions, registration information, and directions to the learning center, visit or contact Darrell Busby or Leann Plowman-Tibken at 712-769-2600.

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