The 32nd annual Beef Empire Days celebration is scheduled to take place Tuesday, June 6, through Sunday, June 18, in Garden City, KS.

The Peoples Natural Gas Parade will wind its way down Main St., in Garden City, Saturday, June 10, beginning at 10:30 a.m.

Lewis Trentman, general manager of Sublette Feeders, has been chosen to be the parade grand marshal. Trentman has lived in the area since 1962 and has been with Sublette Feeders since its inception in 1966. Sublette Feeders has been a financial supporter and participant in all 31 of the previous Beef Empire Days celebrations. Trentman also is involved with CRI Feeders, Inc., Guymon, OK. He is a long time member of the Kansas Livestock Association and served as chairman of the Kansas Cattle Feeders Council in 1977. Trentman and his wife, Becky, have two sons, Kent and Shane, and four grandchildren.

2000 will mark the 30th year that Barbara Oringderff of the Territorial Magazine has provided parade commentary. Oringderff can be counted on to add a colorful presentation that allows those present and those listening to their radios to really have an enjoyable time. Storm Dennison, local rodeo announcer and Western Motor sales representative, will join Oringderff as co-announcer.

"We are most appreciative of all of the time and energy Oringderff has contributed throughout the past 30 years, she has definitely earned a place in the Beef Empire Days history books," said Alan Fankhauser, Beef Empire Days executive director.

"BEEF! The choice for the new millennium", is the theme for the 2000 event. Individuals or groups desiring applications or more information may contact Fankhauser, at the Beef Empire Days office, at 316-275-6807.

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