The 2001 Limousin Promoter of the Year is Bader Rutter & Associates, Brookfield, WI.

This firm started 28 years ago and has grown into the largest agricultural-based agency in North America.

"I was certainly surprised and obviously honored to have been selected to receive this award. We enjoyed the work we did with the association. Being breeders, we were glad to have had the opportunity to assist in the promotion of the Limousin breed," says Ron Bader of Bader Rutter & Associates.

During recent long-range planning meetings, North American Limousin Foundation board of directors identified breed promotion as its number one goal. Once this goal was prioritized, the quest began to develop NALF's promotional campaign. Last fall, a very important step was taken in this process, a marketing meeting with Bader Rutter & Associates.

This meeting identified muscle growth efficiency as Limousin's No. 1 advantage over other beef cattle, and the "Get More Muscle for Less" ad campaign was born. Since then, the red and black bulls have become Limousin's call sign for the whole industry to see in ads, posters, caps and other promotional items.

"Being able to count on the knowledge and experience of the Bader Rutter team has been a tremendous asset throughout the evolution of this promotional campaign," says Clifford Mitchell, NALF director of communications.

Bader's Carrousel Farms has been involved with Limousin cattle since 1996, but the family's roots are planted deep in agriculture. Along with his wife, Norma, Bader heads up Carrousel, an operation run by a family working as a team. Son Brad is in charge of the beef cattle division, while sons Troy and Randy oversee the crop operations. Daughter Stephanie is involved with the dairy.

The Baders' oldest daughter, Kim, lives in Albuquerque, NM, and maintains the family's interest in agriculture. She operates a successful Arabian horse operation.

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