The Environmental Protection Agency has approved the request of the Kansas Department of Agriculture for a Section 18 emergency exemption for the use of Ally herbicide (metsulfuron methyl) in grain sorghum.

The Kansas Grain Sorghum Producers Association had asked KDA to apply for the Section 18 to allow Ally usage in sorghum.

The emergency exemption will allow Kansas growers to use Ally in grain sorghum to control pigweed species, puncturevine, velvetleaf and other weeds. According to information from KDA, Ally can be applied up to Aug. 15. The label rate is one application of one-twentieth ounce Ally plus one-fourth pound active ingredient 2,4-D amine. DuPont was expected to have the Section 18 labels to dealers by May 26.

"This gives our growers another tool in their crop protection toolbox to help them control weeds," KGSPA Executive Director Jere White said. "Ally herbicide has been identified by Kansas State University Extension as offering cost effective weed control in grain sorghum."

Ally herbicide is manufactured by DuPont and is used with 2,4-D for weed control. Weeds controlled with a tank mix of Ally and 2,4-D include pigweed, puncturevine and velvetleaf.

KGSPA urges growers to exercise caution in using 2,4-D near off-target susceptible plants.

"We are telling growers to read and follow label directions, especially as they relate to avoiding contact of 2,4-D with susceptible crops and other desirable broadleafs," White said.

The labels often specifically list susceptible plants that include cotton, soybeans, beans, certain legumes, grapes, peas, fruit trees, tobacco, tomatoes and ornamental plants. The labels often state that even minute quantities of the spray may cause severe injury to susceptible vegetation, according to KDA information.

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