Missouri purebred beef producers have until Dec. 20 to make consignments to the Missouri All Breeds Tested Bull Sale, says sale manager John Wallace.

Entry forms are available from Wallace, 33666 Longspur Road, Vandalia, MO, 63386, phone 573-594-2873 and University of Missouri regional extension livestock specialists. Completed entry forms may be sent to Wallace or to regional livestock specialists.

The sale will be held at 1 p.m. Saturday, March 10, 2001 at the Callaway Livestock Market, Kingdom City, MO.

Sponsors of the bull sale are the Missouri Beef Cattle Improvement Association and the Missouri Cattlemen's Association, said Kris Graupman, chair of the bull sale committee and purebred Angus breeder, Palmyra, MO. Consignors must be members of the sponsoring organizations--MBCIA and MCA.

"Our primary goal is to improve the quality of Missouri beef cattle," Graupman said.

Bulls eligible for the sale are those born between Jan. 1, 1999 and March 15, 2000. Also, bulls must be in the upper 70 percentile or less on two of three EPDs (expected progeny differences), birth weight, yearling weight and milk.

Unaltered bulls may be sold, but they must be gentle, clean and trimmed. And bulls must be determined to be sound potential breeders by a licensed veterinarian within 60 days prior to the sale date.

University of Missouri regional extension livestock specialists are available to help gather on-farm performance measurements, submission of performance data to breed associations, and the identification of superior bulls.

David Hardin, Extension Commercial Agriculture veterinarian, will chair an evaluation committee to sonogram bulls and score for foot and leg soundness.

The March 10 sale marks a change in the format of the Missouri All Breeds Tested Bull Sale, Graupman said. Previously the sales were held at the MU Trowbridge Livestock Center in Columbia on the first Fridays in April and November.

"There were several reasons for the changes," Graupman noted. "Parking had become a problem on the MU campus for both buyers and sellers. Also the MU facilities were inadequate in that only haltered bulls could be housed.

"Many breeders don't have the time that it takes to break bulls to the halter and to be led. The Callaway Livestock Market facilities will allow unhaltered bulls to be sold but we still require that bulls be gentle."

MBCIA was formed during the mid-1960s through the leadership of John Massey, long-time MU state extension livestock specialist, now retired.

Greg Drebes, purebred Simmental breeder, Monroe City, MO, is the current MBCIA president. Other officers are Gary Naylor, regional extension livestock specialist, Buffalo, MO, vice president; Melissa Wright, Missouri Cattlemen's Association, Columbia, secretary; and Roger Eakins, regional extension livestock specialist, Jackson, MO, treasurer.

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