Weather and soil conditions are critical factors in the operation of any farm. Wireless technology can help farmers monitor these conditions with great precision, but previously the cost of this technology made it a practical expense for only major commercial operations keeping track of vast acres of crops. Now, the same technology that calculates the amount of irrigation that is needed, is affordable for individual, family farmers.

Adcon Telemetry, developers of the widely respected addVANTAGE radio telemetry system, announces the "Lite" Station. Designed specifically for smaller farms, the "Lite" Station has many of the advantages of the more extensive A730 system, but at a more cost-effective price than the technology created for large growers. The "Lite" System also offers the Eto model, which displays all climatic data pertinent to the crops.

While other technologies require separate modules to record various conditions, the "Lite" Station uses patented probes to simultaneously read all relevant climatic data. The solar-powered sensors transit data up to one km (2/3 mile) to a farmer's computer from as many as three stations. After analyzing the data, the system's intuitive software then gives recommendations on optimum conditions for irrigation and fertilization. The "Lite" Station is also a cost effective and efficient tool for use in greenhouses where knowing the exact climatic data is a necessity.

Valuable features of Adcon's "Lite" Station include:

--precise monitoring of weather and soil conditions without the need for visual inspection;

--solar-powered sensors with battery back-up that far surpass other systems that require bulky, easily damaged cables; flexible measuring and transmission intervals;

--alarm and macro functions;

--data export function in both ASCII and HTML;

--minimal computer hardware requirements; and

--easy-to-use software, which makes it easy to determine and see what the data means.

In addition to the lower cost of the system itself, the "Lite" System can be run on virtually any current home or small business computer. Minimum hardware requirements--a PC Pentium 300 MHz and 64 MB of RAM--are modest by today's standards. Upgrades are easy to install, and can expand the system's capabilities to include such functions as soil analysis.

For more information, please visit the Adcon Telemetry Web

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